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Available only to Numero’s 2013 LP, CD, and 45 subscribers, "Cemetery" parts 1 & 2 is an afterlife away from your everyday 45. We wouldn’t put a weird and hellish beast on the label unless there’s weird and hellish beastliness to be had in the black that encircles him:

• Maniac Murgatroyd Beauregard, The Ghoul

• King Richard Rigor Mortis III

• Princess Sally, daughter to King Richard

• A Chorus

As for setting, some of the gothic and occultish funk action (recorded in Chicago in the late 1970s by who knows who) takes place on March 12, 1801. Some of it happens 200 years later, on March 12, 2001. All of it is pretty fucking creepy. And there’s solid evidence that it all goes down at Oak Hill Cemetery of Gary, Indiana. Oh, and there’s at least one corpse involved, depending on how you count corpses.

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