Subscription 2018: Original Formula

Tired of missing out on the new Numero heat because your local store ordered only one copy and it went straight into the clerk’s collection? Want the hyper-limited colored vinyl edition with the 45 and the stamp folio and vintage fingernail clippings but were stuck in a meeting and missed out? Don’t despair dear worn-down, middle-aged weirdo, Numero has just the solution you’re looking for. We’re returning to form this year with the simple structure we started our subscription service with. We offer you the 2018 Numero Group Subscription: The Original Formula. For the low price of $150 (or $75), we’ll send you the next six (or four) LPs (or CDs) we make.

Project Twelve

After a year away, our seasonal music club returns with four new Eccentric Soul offerings! Two compilations from the Cash and Saru labels are sandwiched between albums from T.L. Barrett and Eula Cooper. These titles are limited to just 500 CDs or 1000 LPs, and they will not last.

Give the Gift of Numero


If you wish to purchase a gift for the Numero Group collector/consumer/fan/friend/online stalker of your choice, but you'd prefer to avoid the risk of replicating an already acquired item number in our vast catalog, we offer the Numero Group Gift Proxy.


Did you receive a gift? Redeem it here: REDEEM



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