Numero Factory Outlet

Certainly you’ve heard of Air B&B and Uber, the now-household-name standard-bearers of Commercial Peer-to-Peer Mutualization Systems; and Amazon, the global giant of process fulfillment. Numero’s disruptive new concept, the "Factory Outlet," combines the functionality and scalability of all three. Instead of Amazon’s costly and inaccurate pick-and-pack system, users of the Numero meatspace-based application will employ a simple fault-tolerant numerical system to select and fulfill their own orders from the Numero warehouse. With same “sharing" philosophy behind Air B&B, users will not need their own Numero warehouse, but may simply rent time in ours. And here’s the best part: Utilizing a proprietary algorithm, the rental price is factored into the cost of the records. No longer will users of this innovative new service rely on slow postal service vehicles or employees, just like Uber drivers, users can use their own car to transport their merchandise from fulfillment center to domicile. The Numero Factory Outlet: simply the latest way that Numero is right-sizing the physical landscape.

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