Numero Group Subscription 2018: Part 2

Keep your Numero shelf current. Be the envy of every collector in your apartment complex. For the low price of $125 (or $45 for CD), we’ll send the next six LPs or two compact discs we make direct to your doorstep, freeing you up to be the best version of yourself. You’ll thank us later.

Benefits include:

  • Delivery to your doorstep before the official release date without any additional effort on your part (once you’ve signed up and remitted legal tender.)
  • Automatic colored vinyl upgrade (on the rare occasion of a colored vinyl edition).
  • All “bonus items” offered with the pre-order of a release, thrown in with that release at no additional charge.
  • Digital copies added to your account ahead of the release date.
  • Street cred (though you’ll remain safely at home, waiting for the mail) and the chance to be ridiculed in Buzzfeed listicles.

The fine print, now in regular font size:

  • Our goal is to make it easy for you to get all of our major releases, not make them cheap.
  • These items might be slightly discounted, or just regular price.
  • We might slightly change the items if a calamity should occur (however, it will still maintain the same overall value).
  • Bonus items are a sometimes thing not an every time thing.
  • We can no longer add additional items to subscription shipments.
  • International orders will be shipped in one bundle to keep your cost low.

Here are our 2018 offerings:

LP Subscription


CD Subscription