Project 12: Private Mind Garden

Each of us has our own Private Mind Garden. Some are fertile, some are well-tended, some are thorny and overgrown, and some are full of exotic delights not to be found anywhere else. Such is the case with our latest bit of branding, the expression's originator unknown, borne from online message boards, where it has generally tended to denote getting lost in one's own world. It can mean folly and delusion, but we at Numero would like to cultivate a different interpretation, to describe that place from which the most challenging, singular, and personal musical creations spring. Retroactively classified Numero Private Mind Garden entries might include such disparate works as bad acid hard rocker First Step Beyond by Medusa, Otis G. Johnson's drum machine gospel trip Everything – God Is Love '78, and Iasos' self-explanatory Celestial Soul Portrait.

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