Smart's Palace




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It's New Year's Eve 1966, Smart's Palace, Wichita, Kansas. The Smart Brothers Band takes the stage, fronted by Baby Neal, and tear into two solid hours of soul, funk, and dancefloor acrobatics. Using only his teeth, Leroy "Iron Jaw" Smart picks a guy up by his belt buckle and spins him around. The band hurtles through "Lorraine," "I'm Not Ashamed," "I've Got A Funny Feeling," and "Barefoot Philly." In the next room over, ribs are served, with Mama Smart behind the grill. You quite happily laid down your two dollars, 50 cents of which are tagged for a charity that may or may not exist.

Except you weren't there. You didn't see the Smarts and you didn't wipe BBQ sauce on your sleeve. You've never lived in Wichita, and you probably weren't even born in 1966.

But forget all those facts and relive, for the very first time, all the magic of Smart's Palace through this limited edition tee. Supplies can't last, so order now or forever dream.


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