Mod Squad




Cleveland’s Mod Squad went to Boddie Studios in 1969 to commit an audition to record, hoping to simply demonstrate to potential employers what the three singers and three instrumentalists—median age, 20—could replicate within the walls of their establishments. Their routine, which they had calculated down to the nanomeasure, was a pressure-cooked medley of the day’s hits. As if auditioning for the Olympics, aerodynamic renditions of Impressions, O’Jays, and Moments songs were run down at record speeds. To really drive the point home, the studio was stocked with friends/fans, peppering the session with suspiciously enthusiastic applause and general rabblerousing. When the band got signed to Paramount a few months later, the need for a faux field recording of other people’s songs was of little use to the rising stars, who would soon be known the world over as Sly, Slick & Wicked. However, this collection of songs, banished to acetate over forty years ago, shows a real-time reenactment of these working-class musicians in search of a bandstand with a meal plan.


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