Eccentric Soul





Forty-five 45 rpm singles from the dustiest corners of the United States, replicated down to the tiniest detail. Housed in a custom Numero-patterned 45 box, replete with metal hardware and handle in 19 different color combinations. Clothbound hardback book with a word count of almost 50,000, covering the bizarre histories of each group, the early history of Numero, plus a detailed series of indices. All of it is evidence that the darkened corners of the music business looked much the same in the pale light of Fresno, California, or Owensboro, Kentucky. Most of these 45s appear austere and simple at a glance, but every hand-drawn logo, every misspelled bit of crucial information belies a deep well of unique history, PVC footholds in an uphill battle against badly stacked odds, these were records willed into existence through pure determination. Gathered here are 90 songs and 45 stories—too disconnected and isolated from one another for expansion into full-length CD or LP projects—cross-referencing each town and year of issue, and gathering it all into a compact and elegant monument to America’s soul diaspora.


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Eccentric Soul