Numero Group Gift Proxy

If you wish to purchase a gift for the Numero Group collector/consumer/fan/friend/crush of your choice, but you'd prefer to avoid the risk of replicating an already acquired item number in our vast catalog, we offer the Numero Group Gift Proxy. Unlike your standard Gift Card or Gift Certificate, this is a physical item with mild to moderate functionality that will stand-in for what will become your recipient's actual gift, while not being entirely a piece of rubbish. The Numero Group Gift Proxy comes attached to a 7" single that could, if the recipient so desires, be filed with their other similar items in an already established collection. Whatever they do with it, they will love whatever gift they choose to redeem it for.

Deliver as a 7" Single (Shipping Rates Apply)

$25   $50   $100   $150   $200   $500  
Physical Gifts

Please note, we do not have the ability to ship a single order to multiple addresses. If you wish to send multiple physical gift cards to different addresses, you'll need to make one order for each.