Wings Of Faith Juniors

Tom Cutts Sr., originally of Shuqualak, Mississippi, was called to spiritual music after settling in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A talented bass singer and guitar player, Cutts performed with the Pilgrim Wonders of Toledo, Ohio, the Gospel Tornados of Muskegon, Michigan, and the Wings of Faith. While on the road, Ann Cutts, mother of Tom’s children Gwen, Denise, Tommy Jr., and James (each between eight and twelve years old), gave the young family basic music lessons. As his brood matured into semi-amateurs, Cutts Sr. helped them form the Wings of Faith Juniors in 1970. Business affairs went through Ann, who crammed the bunch into an aging Dodge Dart the moment school let out. During a 1973 stop in Cleveland, Johnny Haymon of the Haymon Singers introduced Wings of Faith to Thomas Boddie; Bounty issued their first record post-haste. The group cut one more record at Boddie in 1980 before dropping the “Juniors” descriptor. The second generation Wings of Faith kept going strong into the mid-1990s, earning inclusion on James Cleveland's Gospel Workshop tour and appearances on the Singsation television program. Tom Cutts Sr. died early in 2005, but his children have continued to perform and write on their own.

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