Volcanic Eruption

After Verna and Rob Middlebrooks’ tender “Im In Love With You” b/w “More Soul” was lost in the shuffle of MGM’s distribution severance, recently returned O’Jays road manager Lou Ragland resurrected the husband-and-wife team and rebranded them as the first and only super-group. Their name: Volcanic Eruption. After adding himself and former Springer Jimmy McClain to the mix, Ragland cut the ¾-time “Red Robin,” an animated romp featuring theatrical vocal arrangements, orchestral sound effects, and brassy bravado invoked by the great Tom Baker. While conservative by comparison, “I’ve Got Something Going For Me” is lyrically evocative and well mannered. The song builds, tambourine stroke by tambourine, stroke into a distorted bundle of hippie soul. Volcanic Eruption never performed live, and Rob and Verna never recorded again, although the “I’m In Love With You” instrumental would find its way into Bobby Wade’s hands, released as WH-102 in 1971.

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