Tipica Leal '79

Looking to acts like Sergio Mendes' Brazil '66 and Fela Kuti's Africa '70, Caribe settled on the name Tipica Leal '79 for his new flagship. The cast of characters by the time of their appearance at Chicago Fest in 1980 included David Arroyo and Johnny Plazeros on conga, Nestor Chacon on lead vocals, Jose Luis Ortiz on timbales, Albert Sierra on bongos, Richard Pillot on bass, Freddie Torres on piano, singers Willie Gomez, Marta Reyes, and Dadma Irizarry, trombonists Angel de Jesus, Tony Morales, and Luis Rivera, and Alvin and Angel Rivera on alto, tenor, and soprano saxes and flute, respectively. The Chicago Fest gig was a sign of the times for Tipica Leal: bigger stages, bigger money.

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