The Web

The only band on C.E.S. that actually lived in the United States was The Web. Founded by Adolphus brothers Eugene and Jeffrey, the Web linked up with the drummer for Funky Bridge (a notable Belizean funk group that never recorded) and recent ex-pats Anthony Richards and Harrington Trapp. The group was massively popular amongst Belizeans living in Brooklyn, playing weekly rather than taking semi-annual tours. They hired Carrie Fairweather, Compton’s wife, as manager, leading inevitably to recordings later released by C.E.S. “Things Are Going To Work Out Alright” and “The Same Old Me” are prime examples of their soulful original compositions. The group linked up with jazz musician Derrick Straughn to record the never-released “Rated G” at the RCA studios in Manhattan, which displays the heavy influence of reggae dub. While they achieved a degree of success outside the Belizean community, opening for such groups as Cameo, Fat Back Street Band, BT Express, and Crown Heights Affair, The Web’s fortunes were limited by a lack of distribution.

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