The Volumes

During the mid-1960s, Sunglows bandleader Manny Guerra owned the humble Amen Studios, and churned out high quality Latin and R&B records for San Antonio weekly. When Amen's part-time electrical engineer, Hector Valadez, offered to help manage the talent overflow via his Garu Records, Guerra obliged, and together they scooped up top-flight high school vocal group the Volumes. The sounds of teenage hearts throbbing were speedily committed to tape in Guerra's south-side recording shack in "I'm Gonna Miss You" b/w "I've Never Been So In Love." Youth proved to be the Volumes downfall when a strict father nixed their chaperone-free shot at touring, and the boys splintered into various fleeting groups, falling silent around the same time Valadez's Garu concern went quiet in the early-1970s.

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