The Voices

Richard had augmented the Cheers' harmonies with a female vocal group he had recently assembled. It was not unlike the way the Andantes complemented the blend of many a male Motown Group, but Pegue's touch leaned toward the eerie and almost ethereal, as if the voices were emerging supernaturally. The name he gave them, simply the Voices [pictured left, L-R: Dale Myrick, Margaret Norfleet & Cindy Redd], was as mysterious as their sounds. They were, in fact, corporeal, and the first member into the fold was Margaret Norfleet. The talents of her gospel-singing relatives at home had rubbed off; she'd sung in the a cappella choir at Englewood High. Dale Myrick was also hand-picked by Pegue for the group. She'd sung operettas at St. Anselm Grammer School at 61st and Michagin, but church wasn't integral to her vocal development-she preferred doo-wop. Dale's neighbor, the classically trained Cynthia Redd, completed the trifecta. She'd sung in a Seventh day Adventist Church choir at age six, when her family still lived at Altgeld Gardens. The Voices became the cornerstone of the "sound" of Pegue's Penny recordings.

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