The Victory Five

Hailing from Detroit, the Victory Five date back to 1952’s “Swing Low Sweet Chariot,” recorded for the Brandt label. Four more 45s would follow in its wake for the Night Owl, Fortune, Terp, and Knowles labels before the group exhausted their Michigan opportunities and started back up in Cleveland. Their Something About The Lord Is Mighty Sweet LP appeared in a custom Bounty jacket in 1970, keeping the group in product during their extensive tours, which lasted until their 1974 return to Boddie. The purported “Five” that sing on “Have You Been To The Pool” are actually six: group patriarch Wilmore Allen handled bass, president Sam Brown was the baritone, treasurer Eddie Harris filled the role of second lead with Evern Thrower as first lead, Aaron Dillman took first tenor, and James Mitchell supplied an additional lead. A follow-up single would appear a few catalog numbers later, with another in 1976 and a self-titled album in 1980. Their final album was released in the mid-‘80s via Nashville’s Ruby-Cee concern. Only Wilmore Allen’s 1993 passing would bring the group to a halt. He was 63.

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