The Trend

The Gen Xers of Kennett, Missouri, were a 100-mile jog from anything resembling an underground scene. More high school garage band than upstart punk quartet, the Trend’s first show was a March Of Dimes assembly at Kennett High where they were billed as "The Knack Jr." Shortly before graduation in 1981, they booked time at Kennett Sound Studio in hopes fulfilling some of that promise.

For $420, the Trend recorded "Lucky Day" b/w "She's Hi Fi" and received 500 white-sleeved 45s in return. They spent the summer mailing the single out to any record company they could find an address for, spending more money on postage than the record had cost them. Letters from RCA, Elektra, and TK were received in return, and the band might've signed to TK had the company not been in the middle of filing for bankruptcy.

Instead of singing that make-your-dreams-come-true record deal, the Trend broke up and went to college. At KCOU, "Lucky Day" didn't catch on, but when junior jockeys flipped the record, "She's Hi Fi" became an immediate smash. The band returned to the studio over summer break of 1982 with 48 songs, 12 of which—including "(I Feel Like A) Dictionary"—ended up on their first and only LP, The Trend Is In. The LP was issued in the fall of 1982 to minimal acclaim, its lone moment in the spotlight coming as Billboard's "Top Pick" in March of 1983. The Trend hung on for another four years, crumbling when life got in the way of their back up plan. Various reunions went down, including a 2001 singing of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" at Busch Stadium. This was immediately followed by 50,000 Cardinals fans asking themselves, "Who's 'The Trend'?"

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