The Springers

With the addition of the Springers, a local sextet that performed doo-wop and spirited soul tempered with gospel, things began to pick up on East 55th. Following the 1964 release of “I Know Why” b/w “I Know My Baby Loves Me So,” Johnson secured passage to the Apollo Theater for Tyrone Henry , James McClain, Frankie Suber, Carl Lipford, and the two other forgotten Springers. Atlantics Jerry Wexler thought enough of the groups Apollo performance and debut 45 to broker distribution through ATCO, and doubled down with their 1965 follow-up “Why” b/w “Last Heartbreak.” When neither broke out nationally, Way Out resumed its local campaign, releasing the next Springers single, “Its Been A Long Time” b/w “You Can Laugh.” It would be the groups last.

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