The Sensations

Upon reaching maturity, first tenor Johnny Washington formed the Sensations with second tenor Earl Gusman and baritone Rodney “Rico” Simmons, a self-taught musician who could find his way around the drums, piano, and spoons. A reel-to-reel composition, “Please Baby Please” was mailed to Way Out at the suggestion of Cleveland transplant Lou Archie. The next day, Bill Branch was on the road to Albion to sign the group. In early 1966, Washington, Simmons, and Guzman relocated to Cleveland, bunking together on the top floor of Way Out executive Red Thompson's three-story home at 105th and Grantwood. With records like “Lonely World” b/w “Find Myself Another Girl,” the Sensations would lead the charge during Way Out’s era at MGM. History has proven the Sensations' final recording, “Demanding Man,” to be the most desirable. Bill Branch and Lester Johnson made one more play on the Sensations behalf, a QB sneak to Gene Redd’s De-Lite records, who reissued “Please Baby Please” b/w “Too Shy” under the Realistics moniker.

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