The Secrets*

They had no name and no following, but Norm Dahlor, Kevin Davis, Pat Tomek, and Brent Hoad had a handful of timber-shivering pop numbers to insert between Cars and Tom Petty covers. The band knocked out a rough demo of their strongest songs, and two immediately caught the ears of Sorrells and Prellberg. Issued in the spring of 1979, “It’s Your Heart Tonight” b/w “Get Your Radio” raised the bar for Titan. Opening with a slashing Who-like guitar riff before settling into a jingle-jangle verse on Hoad’s favored girl-destroys-boy theme, “It’s Your Heart Tonight” is perhaps the finest recorded Secrets* moment. Between Tomek’s kinetic rise-and-fall drum pattern, an electrifying chorus, and the organ-backed bridge that leads into a concise and well-executed solo, the group had all the makings of a regional smash on their hands. Flipping the record yielded similar, though lyrically inferior, results. “Get Your Radio” traded Hoad’s heart-on-sleeve honesty for halftime-show highlights glory in an unrelenting high-end piano pounder that fades out before things go completely off the rails. Hoad’s rasp was obtained by running around the block just before laying down the vocal, adding urgency to his exhortation to “Get your radios all set to rock and roll.” The song comes across as a bold dare—nay, threat—to radio programmers to shun the Secrets* at their own risk.

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