The Sacred Four

Functional since 1936, the Sacred Four are among the oldest continuously performing acts in Indiana. After nine 78s, issued on the Bullet label during the 40s and early 50s, Junior Townsend took over the group in 1956. A poorly pressed 45 of “Somebody Watching You” appeared on Champ in 1975, and the group leased the master to James Bennett’s J&B label. Its two songs were expanded to eight and issued on 1979’s The Lord Will Make A Way. Townsend plays preacher to a choir that includes James Turnbull, Jerry Barnes, and Richard Davis, while bassist Fred Hardy, drummer Paul Carter, and dueling guitarists Wesley Bailey and Jimmy Smith keep the energy in the tent high. Two albums followed on the Lawrence, Indiana, imprints T-Jaye and Shield before the rechristened Junior & the Sacred Four pushed on to the shiny pastures of the CD era.

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