The Radiants

The Radiants needed no introduction in Chicago by the time of their Twinight release in the fall of 1971. Having formed in the mid-1950s, the first incarnation of the Radiants was one of Chess Records major hit makers throughout the 1960s. Their chart decline began in 1966, when their leader Maurice McAlister left the group and formed Maurice and Mac with Green Mclauren. Though their stream of hits did not end altogether, by the time Chess was sold to GRT in 1969, they were in no position to negotiate a deal with a national label. Twinight, which at this point made cast-offs their specialty, picked up the group for a one-off single. After nearly 20 years of performing, the Radiants had paired down to the trio of Wallace Sampson, Mitchell Bullock, and James Jameson, and needed fresh blood to update their buttoned down R&B sound. As producer, Syl Johnson's first stroke was to reconnect the group with McAlister; his second was bringing Earl Randle into the fold. Randle wrote both "My Sunshine Girl" and "Don't Want To Face The Truth," worthy predecessors to the great work he would do alongside Syl and other Memphis luminaries over the next decade.

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