The Procedures

Sprawling over Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood, the Stateway Gardens housing project doubled as one of the nation's most prolific group harmony hotbeds. In 1970, five Stateway teenagers signed to the Five-0 label as the Soul Procedures. After several members left the group, the Soul Procedures floundered until the arrival of Walter Jones, who split his time with the Notations, then on Curtom subsidiary Gemigo, where Ron Grace was a songwriter. Grace's relocation to Waukegan led him to Tra-Mor's Morris "Ron" Moore, and they partnered up. By 1975, the Soul Procedures were renamed the Procedures and were looking to record; Grace's call came just in time. "Mirror Mirror" was cut at Plynth Studios in 1975, but disappointing results required Grace and the group to try a rework. In 1976, the track was reissued as "Magic Mirror," b/w "Give Me One More Chance." After a tipster informed Moore of the plant owner's plans to pocket all deposits, Moore rescued the records, but a storm destroyed 98% of the pressing, which he had stored in his backyard.

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