The Occasions

Billy Carter, the Occasions’ lead vocalist, was born at 5607 Outwaite, and later relocated with his family to the Hough Avenue Neighborhood at the start of middle school. While at East Tech High, Carter joined up with hallway crooners the Vastels. Through the basketball program, he cemented a friendship with teammate Evan Woodson, then drumming for East Tech’s Accomplished Gentleman of Jazz. After adding classmate Johnnal Thompson and Woodson's girlfriend (and future wife) Jennifer Mason, the Occasions were dressed and ready. A former employee of the Best In Town shoe parlor, Woodson had been recruited to sing backup on a session Lester Johnson arranged for Joan Bias at Audio Recording in 1965. While “I Don’t Know Whats Right Anymore” b/w “Crazy Over You” became nothing more than a Way Out curio, Woodson and company soon found themselves deep in the East 55th ranks. After a few false starts with arranger Willie Smith, the quartet submitted “Baby Don’t Go,” which found universal acceptance within Way Outs crowded ownership circle.

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