The Mystics

The Mystics were a co-ed combo of Independence, Missouri, high schoolers made up of Sherri Bauer, Dave Wilcox, Larry Roberts, and Gary Corlies. During the summer of '66, they ventured into the heart of the metropolis for a WHB-sponsored "Battle of the Bands" held at Fairyland Park, a local amusement center. Bands had it out at Fairyland every weekend, alongside the ubiquitous and annoying WHB jocks who hosted. According to Mystics bassist Bauer, prizes ranged from a Vox guitar to a record player to a subscription to some forgotten teen rag. But it hardly mattered. The Mystics took first place and were rewarded with a hearty pat on the back and a "Get the fuck off stage." None of those promised teeny mags ever arrived in the mail.

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