The Majestic Arrows

By 1973, Arrow was working to put together a new vocal group, centered on Larry Johnson, a big man with a powerful tenor and a surprisingly light and airy falsetto. During one weekend party performance, Tridia’s rendition of a Gladys Knight song grabbed Arrow’s attention. Several members had already come and gone from the Majestic Arrows, and Brown was too shrewd to miss the opportunity. Though a list of singers cycled through membership in the group, the most durable Majestic Arrows lineup included Palario Collins and a newly arrived Gloria “Poolie” Brown—no relation of Arrow’s. The Majestic Arrows were gaining a strong following around Chicago, lighting up stages at the Arie Crown Theater, the Bonanza Club, the High Chaparral, the Family Club, the Skyway Lounge, and the Green Bunny. At the height of their popularity, the group was invited to perform on the first episode of Soul Train Chicago. The quartet had been performing “The Magic Of Your Love” in concert to good response, and the recorded version did not disappoint. Arrow spent the better part of 1974 working on the Majestic Arrows’ album, the only full-length LP Bandit would ever issue.

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