The Kids

"Sting's music is like an island. Culture Club's an island, and the Kids are an island. We're unique," said Kids guitarist and chief songwriter Chris Curry in a 1985 interview with Santa Monica college student paper the Corsair. The quartet had moved west from their hometown of San Antonio, Texas, hoping to land a deal with a major recording company. they'd considered touring Japan and lip synching a commercial but yet were willing to take a community college amphitheater stage at 11am on a Thursday. Nine years earlier, Trey Gunn, Larry Estefa, John Keating, and Chris Curry had formed the Gritt Kids. With punk still being birthed, the teen foursome toured the college circuit, grinding out six-night stints in budget-hotel halls. When the funds failed to add up, Gritt Kids and Curry parted ways. Stalled out, he placed ads in Circus and Rolling Stone, resulting in a slew of auditions. Mike Orbello came in on bass, military brat Billy Carey took over the traps, and Ed Holmgreen took lead guitar. Matching double-necked Rickenbacker guitars, along with a sweater for Curry stitched with a large, letterman-style K completed what became the Kids.

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