The Jets

The Mods, the Buster Browns, the Little Kiddies, the Clan, the Alliance, Suburban 9 to 5, the Yellow Bird, Pork & the Havana Ducks, the Mourning Ours, the Blues Feeling, and the Shags... The sundown towns of Peoria- and Pekin, Illinois, by proximity- were an unlikely hotbed of 1960s garage band activity. This teeming horde of Beatle-booters would birth soft rocker Dan Fogelburg, future REO Speedwagoner Gary Richrath, Chuck Perrin's vibrant Webster's Last Word folk scene, and, in 1972, the Jets. Founded by former Blues Feeling guitarist/vocalist Mike Isenberg, with guitarist/vocalist Graham Walker, bassist Gregg Clemons, and drummer Greg Wilson, the Jets were the toast of Tazewell County in the early '70s. Buttoned into black trousers wih matching turtlenecks, the Jets broke sound barriers at Pekin Memorial Arena's 4-H Fair. Soon the Dip and Dance at the Pekin Pool gave way to performances at Peoria's Palace Theater and WIRL's Greaser Record Hop at Exposition Gardens.

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