The Halleluiah Chorus

Richard Pegue's final project for Nickel would be his most ambitious and, surprisingly, longest lasting. The Halleluiah Chorus was a hare-brained scheme to use the power of a gospel choir in a purely secular format. The chorus also contained a band featuring keyboardist Kurt Wheeler and Richard himself guitar. The membership ran the generational gamut, from the late teens to the early fifties. Before settling on "Halleluiah Chorus," Pegue had two false starts naming the group. The Dubber Ruckie Rock and Roll Choir tied into an on-air gimmick from Pegue's WVON show, but that name wouldn't float. The group agreed upon the T.I.D.E. Choir (T.I.D.E. meant Talented Individuals Dedicated to Entertainment). Apparently, a letter from the well-known detergent makers scuttled the confident acronym, and Halleluiah Chorus was the backup plan. The unusual spelling of "Halleluiah" may have been devised to minimize confusion with other Hallelujah Choirs and Choruses.

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