The Golden Harmonizers

The Golden Harmonizers, a group that remained active for more than three decades, originally consisted of William Durer, Oatha Lee Taylor, Eddie Rodgers, Reverend Andrew Smith, and his brother John Smith. When the Harmonizers first walked into the Boddie barn in 1970, it was to launch their J&W imprint (for John and William, the group leaders). Three singles were issued on J&W that year (two by the Golden Harmonizers, the third by Reverend W. Morganfield & Brother David Watt), but by 1972 the logo had retired and the Harmonizers leased out Bounty stock for their next three releases. In 1977, the Golden Harmonizers name was found emblazoned atop back-to-back singles, of which "Won't Be Back No More" appeared first. The group had one final release left in them, a 1979 single for Willie Morganfield’s Dee-Jay label.

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