The Fabulous Rhythm Makers

The Olathe, Kansas-based Fabulous Rhythm Makers- keyboardist Ronnie Glover, guitar whiz Ira Wilkes, drummer Ron Hardin, and bassist Clarence Barrow-made the 30-mile trek to Independence, Missouri, on January 11, 1968, at the behest of Ellis Taylor. Four originals were to be tracked at Cavern Studios, an Electrodyne console-outfitted custom recording workshop located inside an actual cave at 16400 East Truman Road. Rhythm Maker-made instrumentals "The Mod Look," "The Other Side," "It's Doing It," and a crude version of "Live And Let Live" were set down and scrapped. A second and more fruitful session captured the contagious "Ya Gotta Be Doing It" and the handclap-heavy "Mini, Mini Afro Twist," resulting in Forte 1107.

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