The Exceptions

The original Exceptions came out of Paul Laurence Dunbar in Northwest D.C., the same alma mater as Robert Jose Williams. The trio of Huitt Cunningham, Soloman Cunninham, and Lorin Brown managed to have some mild success on their own, working for a time as Eddie Kendrick’s backing group, but a fortuitous meeting made them a top act in the District. Huitt knew producer, bandleader, and impresario Joe Tate through a shared interest in Islam, a bond which also included Father’s Children in its circle. They were looking for a particular sound for a recording of “All Mankind,” a spiritual piece penned by Tate. It was Tate who introduced Cunningham to Mark Greene. Mark already had a mythic reputation for having lead The Moments on the original Stang Recordings before spinning off into a brief solo career.

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