The Dynamic Tints

The Dynamic Tints were a commanding group, capable of matching four-part vocal harmonies with complex rhythms. The original quartet had formed in 1966 while hanging out at the Hyde Park YMCA, but it wasn’t until Ron Quinn met Robert Brown in the hallways of Wilson Junior College that they started to heat up. Quinn brought a discipline and business sense to the group that they formerly lacked, opening the door to a Club Motown performance that impressed Syl Johnson. Led by Brown on the high end and Quinn as the Ruffin-styled tenor, with backing by Booker Daniels and Elzie “Zeke” Muldrew, “Package Of Love Part 1” is the first of three singles the Dynamic Tints would record for Twinight—a welcomed break from the steady flow of records-for-favors culture it had been cultivating. Though the song was written by Pieces Of Peace bassist Bernard Reed, the remainder of the Tints sides would be written by Quinn and Lamont “Dusty” Sanders. After their tenure on Twinight, Brown, Quinn, and Sanders would form Village, continuing to record and perform throughout the 1970s.

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