The Arrows

Ghetto magnate Arrow Brown’s first attempt to put his first name at the top of the pop charts, the Arrows were assembled from Brown’s inner circle. His bottom girl, Mary Ann Davis, could sing and had a brother named Johnny Davis with more inborn talent than the Bandit label deserved. His foxy wife, Linda Brown (no relation), and Arrow’s good friend Allen “Po’Boy” Stevenson rounded out the four-piece group for their two excellent singles, which received some fanfare in the region but must've hit a pothole on the Bishop Ford on its way out of town. “We Have Love” is as passionate and dramatic as deep soul can get. Its sub-basement fidelity does nothing to lessen the power of the group’s performance, particularly Po’Boy’s lead. A young Marshall Thompson of the Chi-Lites took a turn on drums for this session. “Bring Back The One I Love” was the uptempo flipside, and it fairs a little better in the sound department and actually has a hook, but it has none of the atmosphere of “We Have Love.”

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