The 13th Amendment

"Musical Freedom Personified" is what a 1971 press kit called The 13th Amendment of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Billed as an entertainment attraction and as a vote-baiting rehabilitation project, the 13th Amendment's dashiki-clad stage show, with semi-improvised comedy skits between break-neck medleys, quickly attracted a following. A handful of originals took form, culminating in a December 1970 recording session at Baton Rouge's Deep South Studios. "Hard To Be In Love" b/w "The Stretch" was issued early in 1971 on the band's own Slave label. Later that year, the 13th Amendment signed with Queen Booking Corporation, which listed them alongside no less than Aretha Franklin and Sammy Davis Jr. Another manager joined up, and the pie finally split into pieces the band couldn't feed themselves on. To mitigate the ravages of the 16th Amendment, the 13th Amendment dissolved in mid-1972.

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