Suspicious Can Openers

Mingled amongst 13 other siblings, Eugene and Walter McMahan of Columbus, Ohio, escaped their parents' watchful eyes, taking up residency at the Preview Lounge in 1966 while still teenagers. There they met Henry Lee Sapp, who thereafter wore his Timmy Willis stage persona. Managed by Roy Hoover, Timmy Willis & the Show Pushers made it to Detroit, landing a deal with Sidra. Willis hit the road, and Suspicious Can Openers came into being when another pair of McMahan brothers, Jerry and Ronnie, were inspired by their elder brothers' success. Classmates Ron Johnson, D. C. Collins, and Cornell McLeary joined in, as well as Timmy Willis, who had returned to Ohio. Hoover resumed managerial duties, establishing the Mo Soul label to issue the Openers' single, 1971's "Fever In Your Hot Pants" b/w "Tuesday In The Rain," recorded at Magnetic Recordings. The mercurial Timmy Willis was off and running again by 1972, behind an Epic-issued single. Even Willis-free, Suspicious Can Openers held a steady gig schedule before disbanding in 1974.

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