Claiming three albums and the scads of 45s that bear their name, Orquesta La Solucion is far and away the most prolific recording artist in Chicago salsa history. Centered around a group of Wells High School attendees, Solucion featured members ranging in age from 11 to 17.Though the line up would undergo several changes over the band's eight-year run, the base consisted of leader Jesus Soto, Tony Gonzales, Angel Oliver, Edwin Rodriguez, Santos Pagan, Marcelino Gonzales, Jimmy Ortiz, and David Febles. When Caribe discovered them at a 1972 benefit concert at St. Sylvester Church, La Solucion was in the middle of the Latin rock wave, surfing the sounds of Santana and Malo with some proficiency, but little originality. Refinement courses began at Congeso Puertorriqueno immediately, with Caribe channeling much of his time and energy into grooming-an effort meant to keep the group's younger population focused and out of trouble. Never quick to turn down a gig, Solucion found themselves on stage three or four times a week, playing to a wide swath of venues that included libraries, city council events, parks, church picnics, university amphitheaters, high school assemblies, and weddings. If the money was right, Solucion could be found entertaining block parties hosted by the Latin Kings, Young Lords, Disciples, and even the notorious motorcycle gang Sons of the Devil.

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