Skip Mahoney & The Casuals

Harrison Hoaney grew up in the rough Southwestern quadrant of the District of Columbia know as Ladroit Park. Populated with unsavory, if not criminal, characters, Harrison’s neighborhood reminded him of the film serial The Bowery Boys. Leo Gorcey portrayed the titular ne’er-do-wells’ leader “Slip” Mahoney, and noting the similarity in their last names “Skip” Mahoney stuck as his nickname. Together with fellow Francis Cardozo hall-dwellers George Norris, James Morse, Franklin Radcliff, and Morris Moore, the Casuals were formed in 1965. In 1969, the group solidified around its best known line-up: Roger Chapman, Billy Jones, and original member George Norris. When their first single for D.C. International came back from the pressing plant, the group was dismayed to find itself billed as Skip Mahoney & the Casuals, after being a vocal group for nearly a decade. Chapman, Jones, and Norris quit in disgust, but their complete R.G.B. recordings were collected on 1974’s Your Funny Moods LP. Unfazed, skip rallied Tracy Reid, Jerome Rodgers, and Allen Morgan to join him in support of the album, taking the group to realms outside of D.C. International’s limited regional scope

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