Sidney Pinchback

Music director and disc jockey Richard Pegue was already an established producer with his Nickel and Penny Labels, having hits with the Cheers and the Voices, when he approached Twinight about releasing a record for his cardinal guitar player Sidney Pinchback. Trying to cash in on the instrumental craze, Pinchback tracked out a blistering psychedelic solo in lieu of Syl's "Different Strokes" vocal take. The flipside, credited to the Schiller Street Gang (a reference to the street Howard Bedno lived on), was a spell of studio tomfoolery that likely included a mixture of Pegue's house band the South Shore Commission and whatever session players were hanging about that day. The single has a distinct Electric Mud by way of the Soulful Strings feel to it, and was slated to appear on an all-instrumental LP by the Chicago Sound Machine, but it never materialized.

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