Shira Small

Recorded in 1974 under the auspices of a senior project at a small Quaker boarding school in Newtown, Pennsylvania, “Eternal Life” is the product of Shira Small’s four years away from the Wagner Projects in East Harlem. The song came together from a scribbling on a bathroom wall ("Change is life’s only constant factor") and a troubling remedial math class ("The line of time and the plane of now"). Recognizing talent, her music teacher Lars Clutterham convinced Shira to record an album of original material as her senior project. The money to press the album was drummed up by pre-sales and a few generous parents, with all 500 copies being distributed to students and faculty of the George School. The album’s other highlight, “Gimme Magic,” was also released on The Journey Of Persephone, a bizarre student musical performed by the school’s theater department. It was Small's final performance.

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