Sag War Fare

When Melvin German needed to rename his band in the early seventies, he recalled the misheard moniker of cartoon rodent thief, Savoir Faire, which had stuck with him since mid-'60s viewings of The Beagles. The group became Sag War Fare and stormed up and down southwest Florida, briefly stopping by Orlando, Florida's Bee Jay studio to record a single in 1971. "Girl You Better Change" b/w "Don't Be So Jive" was as catchy as the band's name, but it did little more than help Sag procure future gigs. The fiery group continued to blaze through the region for the next five years, backing Joey Gilmore for a time. When the band started raising more hell than patrons, their gigging schedule slowed, but wouldn't completely hang it up until the early '90s.

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