Ricky Hodges

Although his discography boasts a whopping eight 45s, other evidence of Albert “Ricky” Hodges’ career as a soul singer is tough to find. Backed by the Funky People, the Rhythmeres, and Little G & the Vibrators (featuring Clarence Gillispie from the Mod Squad and Sly, Slick & Wicked), Hodges’ decade-long career was simply one sputter after another. Turning up at Boddie in 1969, Hodges issued two records over three years, both two-part epics taking both sides of their 45s. Cut at Adell Recording in Novi, Michigan, “I Feel It (The Love You Have For Me)” is a rerecording of Hodges’ similarly-named Clevetown single, though the two tracks bear little resemblance to one another. Where the 1966 version shuffles along, its younger brother increases the tempo significantly with wafts of funky flute and wah-drenched guitar. Five more Hodges singles would follow (some credited to Ricke or, bizarrely, Rhkie VIII), though three of them featured variations on his opus “Love In It’s Making.”

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