Prophets Of Peace

In the publisher's statement of Minnesota's Black Community, Walter Scott declares the volume will "help close the gap which keeps white Minnesotans and black Minnesotans from clasping hands to 'work' toward a United America." Before his son and co-publisher Anthony could pay tribute to his hometown, he'd first need to contribute something himself. After graduating from Mankato State College, Scott trekked back to Minneapolis to forge a career as a bass player, alongside Earl "Sonny" Williams, Larry Loud, Bill Lubov, Dan Dahlgren, John C. Curly, Bruce Pallagi, Jimmy Wallace, Ron Atkinson, Donald Thomas, Doris Johnson, and Ed Garrett. Just two of several Prophets recordings, "The Max" was tracked at Herb Pilhofer's Sound80, while "You Can Be" was recorded at Audiotek Studios Inc in 1975. David Z, who engineered Lipps Inc's "Funkytown" and several Prince productions, piloted both sessions. A year later, the group would secure its legacy on page 181 of Minnesota's Black Community.

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