The Procedures set up at Plynth in 1975 to cut the Brad Bobo/Fred Escobar tune “Mirror Mirror.” A bit dated for its vintage, the track stumbled out of the gate. Undeterred, Grace and Moore reissued “Mirror Mirror” in 1976 as “Magic Mirror”—rebranded and elongated. Its new B-side, “Give Me One More Chance,” is lush, buoyant, and hypnotic—but it never got so much as a first chance. A late-night call to Moore by a pressing plant tipster informed him of the plant owner’s plans to pocket all open deposits and close up shop. Moore retrieved as many freshly pressed records as he could that night, storing his gatherings temporarily in the backyard— just long enough for a torrential downpour to destroy all but a few copies. Tra-Mor cut its losses on the single, smoothing over a barely consequential bump in the story of the Procedures, who remained active and viable through 1985.

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