Priscilla Quinby

The most unassuming source on Ladies From The Canyon is most certainly The Street And The Sea. It has the look of a self-released poetry album, and nearly fits the bill. A brain- and lovechild of dancer Priscilla “Perky” Quinby and ad man Gavin Gervis, the 1975 album is based on James A. Quinby’s same-named book of poetry. “With All Hands” might be the only song apart from Van Morrison’s “Into The Mystic” that prominently features a foghorn. Though slightly unnerving at first, it gives way to a modest yet gorgeously finger-picked nylon guitar. Quinby’s vocals are siren-like, perfect for the song’s maritime nature. Most of the album’s pressing of 50 copies were sold off the stage, with a few being sent off to record companies. Only one wrote back and had this to say: “The world doesn’t need another Joni Mitchell.”

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