Ozzie Hall

Ozzie Hall was an island hopper who washed up on Grand Bahama and never left. A Kingston import, Hall had done time as Freddie Munnings' alto saxophonist in Nassau before being offered a job at the pretigious Jack Tar Resort in West End. He gigged steadily with old timers Fred Callendar and Teddy Greeves before eventually putting his own band together for a long run at the Grand Bahama Hotel. The Caribbeans, made up of Eddie Guignard on piano, Percy Roker on drums, Carl Knowles on bass, Herbert Miller on guitar, and King Turtle on drums, would back Hall for nearly 20 years, but content with a steady paycheck, the group never left the hotel. A Visit With Ozzie Hall is a fairly straightforward island lounge album but for one immediately ear pulling moment when the group tackles Paul Desmond's "Take Five."

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