Morning After

With the arrival of the Kennedy Expressway in 1960, Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood, once home to Polish beer barons, regressed quickly into a haven for junkies, prostitutes, and gangs. Morning After's Polish-American teenagers grew up in this blight, informed by both their Eastern European heritage and the influx of ghetto realism. After losing a few members to the Vietnam draft, the line-up shuffled into Peter Pollack, Gennaro "Jeep" Capone, Tom Richards, Ken Bender, Chris Natale and Al Young. Renaming themselves Morning After and newly aiming for a funkier sound, Greg Thomas and Johnny Watkins joined in. Their only recording session happened at an unmemorable Madison, Wisconsin, location, where "Hey Girl" b/w "Disco-Tick" was issued on their own Reward Records in 1975. By the late '70s, the Wicker Park seemed pastoral by comparison. Disco's tick had latched on hard and, as the Kennedy Expressway had done 20 years earlier, was paving the way toward a bleak new era.

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