Mind & Matter

Mind & Matter featuring the M&M Hustlers made their Twin Cities debut at the Dykeman Hotel on January 22, 1977. The Hustlers warmed up crowds with covers, after which Mind & Matter performed their original-and rapidly growing-repertoire. In Lawrence Brown's aunt's basement Marlin Possehl recorded nine new compositions-including "No One Else Can Do It To Me Baby," "Wonder of It All," "Virgin Lady," and Would Be Mine"-all of them with vocals tracked in Brown's childhood bedroom, hung with blankets for baffling. In March of '77, the group booked time at Creation Audio on Old Shakopee Road in Bloomington to record "I'm Under Your Spell" and "Sunshine Lady." Deemed "a pleasing, double-edged delight" by the Insider, the M&M records release benefited from unorthodox treatments by producers James Harris (credited on the disc as "the Magician") and Possehl, from playful glockenspiel leads to tranquil nature sounds. Mind & Matter would then appear on the debut installment of Steamroller, a teen production airing on ABC-TV affiliate KSTP that showcased local bands in a live setting.

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