Mary Perrin

The oldest of 12 children, Chuck Perrin had been involved in folk and garage bands since the early 1960s, and had been singing with his sister Mary (four years his junior) since they were very young. “Dedication” is from the duo’s second album Next Of Kin, also released on the Webster’s Last Word label. Written for her parents, it was one of the first songs she ever penned. The song was recorded in one take, and features only Perrin’s spare guitar and ghostly vocals, with Jerry Milam’s legendary Golden Track studio’s reverb chamber filling in the rest. Peoria, Illinois, wasn’t big enough to hold her, and in 1979 Mary Perrin left for Los Angeles to tackle the music business head-on. Her final recordings were made that year. Mary Perrin died in her sleep in early 2003. She was 53 years old.

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