The $2 cover band scene of late '70s Des Moines, Iowa, was seriously stony ground for planting a proto-wave power-punk band playing original material. Central Iowa clubgoers showed up for hard rock or for bar rock, which meant Luxury's college-ed sound came off a bit too high-brow for the cover circuit. Luxury kicked off in 1977 after Rick Swan quit medical school and answered Jeff Shotwell's bulletin board ad for a guitarist seeking a group. Swan owned no gear, and his prior music experience rested in two rock operas he'd penned, produced by Drake College of Fine Arts. Swan's brother Kerry came on as co-vocalist and keyboard player, with Bryn Ohme and Jeff Willitts taking bass and drums, respectively. Gigs were secured at Inspiration Point Lounge and at the Val-Air Ballroom, where the band trudged through a set comprised mostly of the day's radio staples, with a smattering of originals. A Des Moines Dailey Planet show review captured the crowd's response to Luxury perfectly: A rotund, vacant-faced young man danced the same slowly rotating jig to every song until a woman, who appeared to be his mother, arrived and led him away from his post near the stage."

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